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Sonoma Turf is the expert when it comes to your concerns regarding the Living Turf and Soil Compaction on your Athletic Facility.   We have additional services including Baseball Infield Renovations and Maintenance, also our Power Rake Service for New Lawns, Gravel/Dirt Driveway and Parking Lot Restoration, Leveling Rough Ground, Chemical Free Weeding and Renovation Solutions.  We have the people, expertise, equipment and customer service reputation you’re looking for.



Turf Consulting

We believe the potential in every Athletic Field is understanding the science that drives healthy turf.

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Aeration is the most important cultivation technique in establishing a durable, dense and safe playing surface.

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Irrigation Consulting

The most unique resource needed to supply plants with regular intervals to assist in the growing of turfgrass, maintenance of landscapes,  equestrian arenas, re-vegetation of disturbed soils in dry areas.

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15 Year Golf Course Superintendent