Residential Front Yard

Santa Rosa, CA

Aeravating relieving soil compaction in this front yard.


Napa Expo Center

Napa, CA

Aeravating relieving soil compaction, then using the power rake to level and groom high use areas during events.


Maintenance Staff Parking Lot

Santa Rosa, CA

Re-conditioning a gravel parking lot.


J.F.Kennedy Park

Napa, CA

Leveling, grading, and grooming after heavy winter rains.


Oakmont Golf Club

Aeravating relieving soil compaction on tees and fairways, also aeravated an approach that was very wet helping it dry out.


Healdsburg High School

Healsdburg, CA

Aeravated Baseball Athletic Fields and Practice Football Field.


Oakmont Lawn Bowling Club

Santa Rosa, CA

Aerated Bowling Lawn and top dressed.